decently safe defi

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Decently Safe DeFi

Decently Safe DeFi is a wargame to learn offensive security of DeFi smart contracts. The challenges are modelled after the excellent Damn Vulnerable DeFi, but instead of being based on theoretical vulnerabilities, the challenges are modelled after near-misses in the real world. By removing subtle security controls or reversing minor misconfigurations, we can learn about the critical vulnerabilities that was avoided in a protocol.

Feel free to submit PRs to include your challenges made from real-life near misses, or, send me a DM if you’re part of a protocol and would like some challenges made! If you’re just looking to get into the challenges, head to the instructions to get started!


Big thanks to Tincho who created the first version of this game and to all the fellows behind the Foundry Framework. Further thanks to Nicolás García, who ported Damn Vulnerable Defi to Foundry.